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Engagement with your audience is crucial to effective communication in 2018. Interacting with your audience helps them stay tuned-in and emotionally connected to what you’re saying.

The easiest way to increase interaction with your audience is by adding visual elements to your message. Notes or main points on the screen is a start (but a small one). Even better? Add an image or photo to illustrate what you’re talking about at that exact moment.

Adding visual images helps your audience stay tuned-in and engaged with what you’re saying. The more your audience interacts with your message, the more they learn, apply, and do.

Want to increase giving? Communicate smarter!
If you want people to give more (in time or money) communicate in a way that what you are communicating moves from their head, to their heart. The head is already packed with info and easily distracted, but the heart is what moves us to action because it’s home to our emotions. Touch the emotions through smart communication, and giving will increase.

Lectures are dead. #deathtosermons