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All right, this post is getting out a little later than expected because I hit yet another snag in my quest to find the right online giving option for our new church plant. But I regress, now back to the story…

I have spent two, make that three, weeks researching the right online giving solution for our new church.

I never imagined 1) there would be so many options, 2) that it would take so stinkin’ long to sort through all of them!

I’ve included below a list with a few notes of the online giving solutions I discovered and considered. The purpose of the list is not to offer an in depth analysis, but to present a general overview with a few details that may assist if you have yet to go through this process – and you should go through this process. But before the list, a couple of things:

It’s my belief that online giving is a critical, non-optional, piece to church planting success. But not just any solution will do.

Here’s why:

  • The interface must be friendly/easy to use both for the giver and the new understaffed church.
  • It must look reputable. Of course it must be reputable, but people will not trust it and use it if the company does not look good online.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Although I’m not a finance guy and don’t want to be a finance guy, I do care, a lot, about finances as it relates to church planting.
  • For those of you who have made online giving your ministry and/or business – THANK YOU! I put the miracle of online giving right up there with the calculator. You provide an incredible service that is making a huge difference.

Here’s the online giving options I discovered during my research along with a few notes.

I’ll start with the ones we liked the most:

1. eGive (  This is the company/ministry that overall we liked the most if we are just considering the online giving piece.  Here’s why:

  • They gave us the best response from my initial inquiry email.
  • Customer service is way above normal. They have a marketing edge like a company hungry for new business, yet they are relaxed in tone and courteous in responses.
  • Dialog was not overly business, but was friendly.
  • Although we are a just starting church with a limited budget, we were not treated small.
  • We were sent an extra email with very well explained details + the forms to sign to get going right away.
  • During our research we found several other churches we greatly respect that were also using eGive.

2. Fellowship One ( In the movie Open Range, Boss Spearman (played by Robert Duvall) talks about what type of gun he prefers and says “I like a pistol with some heft.” Fellowship One has a lot of heft. This all-in-one church managment system includes a great online giving component. The backend of this technology is extremley effective and deep. Although it requires a good amount of time to learn, from what I’ve heard its well worth it. Hope we can use these folks one day. **Special note: They offer a special price to church planters/new churches.

3. Church Community Builder ( Another church management system that also includes online giving. I really liked the look and interface of this solution. Could end up using them one day. **Special note: They offer a special price to church planters/new churches.

Here’s the others that we looked at. They may be great solutions, but we choose to not go very deep in researching them for a variety of options.

4. Ministry Give ( Mobile giving, kiosks, the works.

5. MyTithe (  Mobile giving, iPhone app, and more.

6. Qgiv (

QUESTION: Are you using online giving? Which online giving solution do you like?

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10 thoughts on “Online Giving For Churches

  1. Barry,

    Thanks for the round up. I get asked about online giving quite a bit and now I'll just send them to you. Also I noticed at the Velocity Conference that Fellowship One is actually giving a year of free service to church plants.

    • Thanks Bill. Fellowship One is a great service. My understanding is that the "one year free" refers to the 'monthly' charges. There is still a $350 system set-up charge, and $100 charge to set-up debit/credit card giving abilities. Still a pretty sweet deal considering the amount of technology you receive. Trust your is still rockin'!

  2. I too spent many weeks researching on-line giving. I started with paypal which by far has the best pricing structure for non-profits and is well known world wide, however, their service and flexibility for web-design and options available were limited. I ended up using Vanco. Great low price, flat fee for credit card, easy to use design and great service. I am in the process of looking to upgrade once again. I love the idea of Kiosks. We are a checkless and cashless society. My only concern is the lack of usage at our church and the limited budget to take on any expensive programs. I’ve created a comparison that I will publish.